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              with 10+ years of outstanding service,
              used by 275 universities and colleges,
              36 collegiate athletic conferences,
              all 42 bowl games including the College Football Playoff
              and 30 National Championships,
              including basketball, football, baseball, softball, soccer, volleyball, lacrosse hockey, tennis and gymnastics...

              ...the most trusted name for stats in college athletics is

              StatBroadcast® Systems is a sports statistics technology and media relations partner for athletic programs and events spanning collegiate, professional and high school athletics.

              StatBroadcast® statistics technology solutions include:

              • StatMonitr Real-time Stats Feeds for Media and Staff... read more
              • StatBroadcast® Live web and mobile stats for fans... read more
              • Tablet hardware rental and leases for providing live Stat Monitors in-venue for broadcasters, staff and coaches... read more
              • Scoreboard/LED boards and video integration of stats feeds...read more
              • StatBroadcast® Live Widgets and scoreboards for direct integration into official athletic sites... read more
              • Live generating infographics based on game statistics... read more

              Highlights from our two flagship services, StatMonitr -- real-time stats feeds for media and staff via web and mobile -- and StatBroadcast® Live -- live stats solutions for fans and official athletics sites.


              Our StatBroadcast® Live stats enable schools and events to display statistics on a variety of different platforms.

              How are our stats different? They require no software or plug-ins for your users, can go virtually anywhere on any media and give your fans the same level of detail and insight that the coaches and media get.
              Highlights of StatBroadcast® Live:

              • Box score and statistical information via a website
              • Box Score and statistical information to mobile phones and devices
              • Widgets to include your stats on the same page as streaming video and live chats
              • Applications and widgets for social media

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              Our StatMonitr system helps media relations professionals deliver real-time, in-game stats to media covering events either via our wireless StatMonitr touch screen monitors or via a web browser on any computer.

              • In-game, real-time -- as the action occurs
              • Wireless stat monitors wherever your wireless network goes
              • View real-time stats from any laptop anywhere in the venue
              • Output stats to your scoreboard system -- read more
              • Custom graphics, season stats, auto configuration, PDFs, mass emailing

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